Milan Flight

Milan Flight – All the major airlines and a lot more service Milan. You will find that the airport has anything that you need to make your arrival in the area pleasant. If you need anything or forgot anything for your trip there is plenty of shopping located in the area where you can buy anything that you need. Perhaps you are hungry then you will have ample places to choose from to fill you up. If you are in need of business services there is a place in the airport for that also. You should find anything you need to make your trip fantastic located within the airport. It will start you trip out on the right foot.


There are plenty of means of transportation to and from the airport if you are in need of it. You may also wish to check with the hotel you are staying in to see if they offer shuttle service to and from the airport and take advantage of it if they do. Metered taxis are available outside both Arrivals and Departures areas and it usually takes about 50 minutes to reach the city. The Malpensa Expressdeparts from Terminal 1 for Milan every 30 minutes. It also stops at Milan Bovisa and Saronno stations. The State Rail Information number is 848 880 for your convenience. The bus service is located outside the Terminal 1 Arrivals area and they reach Milan in about an hour.

If you need anything check with the information booths located inside the airport and just ask for assistance. They will provide it if they can. Be prepared for a wonderful experience as you arrive in Milan. You will be treated kindly and with respect, which is why you will want to visit the Milan area time and time again.