Milan History 

Milan History – From the very beginning the city of Milan remained strong, was overtaken, then regained itself and prospered. It is a city as strong as any other and now remains able to hold its own. Known for many fantastic places and people.

“Mediolanum” (this was the Roman name for Milan).

In 286 AD. It was a very important center for the consolidation of the new Christian religion.

Milan in 539 AD was overtaken and its role of capital was lost.

The 12th Century Northern Italy the city of Milan had regained its economic stronghold in the region, which again showed the resilience of the city and its people.

After 1447 there were three brief years of republican rule and then in 1450, Francesco Sforza took over.

The Sforza ruled, in the last years of the early 16th century, Northern Italy became governed by the Spanish for nearly two centuries (1535 – 1706).

The plague in 1630 hurt the city but it then recovered.

17th and early 18th centuries brought Milan the Austrian Imperial dynasty.

In 1789, Milan came under French control.

The Fascist party was founded in Milan in 1919. Milan headed the national reconstruction.

The city now is the fashion icon of the country of Italy and houses millions of residents. When you are there, you will be surrounded by lively people and interesting places. It is also a great tourist spot and many people come to see its fantastic architectural aspects. With all there is to do and see in the area it is no wonder that so many people come to visit the city of Milan over and over again. By the time you read this you will be planning your trip out to Milan to enjoy one of the most fascinating cities in the world.