Milan Internet Cafe

Milan Internet Cafe – You can hook up your lap top to connect you online or if you do not have a lap top you can use an internet café. For all your needs there are plenty of internet cafes in the area. Just check into the rates and off you go. You can surf the web to your hearts content, email loved ones about your visit or simply do business away from home. Whatever the reason for wanting to go online it is at these internet cafes that you will be provided the access to the internet portal that you need. It is virtually like having an office away from home.

Please make sure that you check with them on the rates they charge. Nothing can ruin a trip more than an unexpected bill, so just make sure you use the system wisely and responsibly, therefore not receiving any unordinary bills at the end of your trip. If you are staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast it is also a good idea to ask first what the going rates are on the Internet Access per room. Sometimes the charges are included and sometimes they are not. Best to always ask before you use the system to avoid an unnecessary charge.

You will feel most comfortable knowing that if you travel out of the Milan area there are also internet cafes located throughout the countryside for your convenience. Now you will always be able to stay connected on your entire trip. As always check with them for the rates and hours that they are open and pick one that is closest to you first so you are prepared. Just another way that travelling has become easier and more enjoyable for you. Enjoy all there is to see and do in the Milan area, we know you will.

Via Gaffurio Franchino 3
Tel. 02 67493673

Via delle Forze Armate 11
Tel. 02 40095319

Corso Plebisciti 7
Tel. 02 70005612

Piazza Duca D’Aosta 14
(zone: Stazione Centrale)

Corso Colombo 9
(zone: Navigli)

Via Valpetrosa 5
Tel. 02 45478874
Opening hours: 08.30 a.m.- 10.00 p.m.

Terzo Millennio Internet Point
via Lazzaretto 2
Tel. 02 2052121

Clup Viaggi 
Via Pascoli 55

Gallery Games 
Via Santo Sisto, 5 (near the Duomo)
Tel: 30-02-7200-4602

Internet Cafe 
Corso Sempione 44

Jenner 68 
Viale Jenner 68
Tel: 39-02-3322-6287