Milan Museums

Milan Museums – While you are visiting the Milan area you will want to see as many of the museums as possible. They are all wonderful and you can expect to spend hours learning lots of different things. Please make every effort to see these fantastic cultural exhibits so you can tell all the folks back home how beautiful the city of Milan’s museums are.

The Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi is situated in central Milan and includes collections of artworks by some notable artists such as Giovanni Bellini, Giampietrino and Zenale. Milan’s national history museum holds many interesting exhibits and collections mammals, reptiles, scientific instruments and a library with over 30,000 books. This is an exceptional museum where you will learn so many things. The Museo Poldi-Pezzoli has many exhibits, including Pezzoli’s fine collection of sculptures and paintings. You will admire all the wonderful pieces of artwork.

The City Museum of Contemporary History houses several museums with historic documents and paintings of the city. This is where you can learn an awful lot about the city of Milan so take your time going through it. The Milan’s Palazzo Dugnani contains many wonderful features, such as a magnificent staircase and a gallery for musicians. The Civic Archaeological Museum is an excellent museum also.

Always plan to spend at least a couple of hours in each of the museums, maybe even longer. Once you see all the wonderful things inside these fantastic Milan Museums you may wish to spend the entire day looking over everything. Visit them as often as you like.

Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi 
Via Santo Spirito 10 / Via Gesù 5
Milan, Italy
39 02 7600 6132

Museo di Storia Naturale (Natural History Museum)
Corso Venezia 55
Milan, Italy
39 02 781 312

Museo Poldi-Pezzoli
Via Manzoni 12
Milan, Italy

Museo di Storia Contemporanea
Via Sant’Andrea 6
Milan, Italy

Palazzo Dugnani 
(housing Museo del Cinema)
Via Manin 2
Milan, Italy
39 02 655 4977

Civico Museo Archeologico
(Civic Archaeological Museum)
Via Santa Maria
Milan, Italy
030 914 4529

Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
Via Gesu, 5 – Via Santa Spirito, 10
+32 76 00 6123


Poldi Pezzoli Museum
Via Monzoni 12
+39 02 794889

Teatro alla Scala
Via Filodrammatici 2
+39 02 860787