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Milan Tourist Office – They can give you brochures and maps on the attractions in the area. These come in very handy because they have very detailed maps inside them. They have so much information on the places and know so much about the area because they live there. When you have a question about the city they will have an answer for you. Take some time to visit with them as many of the centers have museums and information about the surrounding area. They know the hottest nightlife areas, the best restaurants, the latest shows in the area and a whole lot more.

If you are interested in taking a Tour of Milan they will know which are the best ones. They will be able to let you know if there are any special rates or discounts for travelling in groups. They have first hand knowledge of the area, the tours and the latest news on the area.

They can also give you last minute information on events and weather updates. Any of the traffic patterns and construction areas they will be able to let you know of. They Milan Tourist Office can even help you find a hotel and book one if that is what you need. They can also offer their opinion on the best sights to see in the area. There is so much information that they can give you. Please make every effort to spend some time in the centers. They are located throughout the city for your convenience as well as in some of the major attractions in the area. They wish for you to love Milan as much as they do.

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